Listen, there is really no way to sugarcoat this game for either team. This was a defensive battle that not many people expected. The game was played in a sweltering heat, and both sides of the ball for both squad showed it throughout. There was a whole lot of ugly. I mean a whole lot. So much ugly that we’ll just show you how ugly as we, for some reason, relive what happened on Saturday night in San Marcos.

Appalachian had a total of ten possessions in the game, and Texas State had eleven. Typical football games nowadays have closer to fifteen possessions for each team. Texas State’s ability to convert on third downs at a 10/18 clip kept the clock rolling.

The App running game was almost nonexistent. Twenty-nine carries for 116 yards total. Jalin Moore carried nine times for a fourteen yards. Lamb had several long runs called back for holding. The Mountaineers had 32 yards on eleven plays in the first quarter and were 0-3 on third down. Meanwhile Texas State ran more running plays in the first quarter (13), than App ran actual plays.

Texas State jumped out early in the first half to a 10-0 lead, had the advantage in time of possession and yards, but their four second half possessions led to a whole bunch of nothing. Of course, they were a yard short of scoring what could have been the potential tying touchdown and extra point. Everett Withers said later he would have gone for two. The last four possessions, all in the second half for Texas State, went like this: Missed FG, Field Goal, Interception, End of Half. They ran 42 second half plays for 227 yards and got three points out of it.



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