This is an open letter for every App State student who pulls for App State first in college football and second in college basketball.

Let’s start off with being honest with one another. App State basketball has been B-A-D since 2011. We’ve dedicated dozens of episodes to covering painfully bad basketball games and uncomfortably long losing streaks. The classes of ’15 through ’19 have never seen a good App State basketball team. Let that sink in.

Okay, more honesty. App State has had great basketball programs in the past. It’s true. There were days before you were born where *thousands* (yes, thousands) of fans piled into Varsity Gym to watch App State basketball on a WEEKNIGHT. Imagine that.

Ready for even more honesty? App State basketball can only reach its full potential with a rabid student section. College basketball thrives on students. It thrives on home court advantage. You’ve all been to the football games. You’ve contributed to our opponents’ false start penalties at KBS.

There is an opportunity right now to literally make a difference with the basketball program. Being loud. Chanting. Knowing the opponent. Tasteful trash talk. Showing up with your friends. Jumping up and down. Those are things that *WILL* make a difference and help our program.

The players are human. They see the empty arena. They know ten extra loud students make a difference. They WANT more motivation to succeed. You can help them. You all can help them. Don’t wait for winning to happen. Be part of why winning is happening!

We don’t pull for other college programs. App State is good enough for us. Hopefully soon you’ll be right there with us. But we’re not asking you to set another program’s jersey on fire right now (but if you do, can you send us the video?). We’re simply trying to persuade you that App State basketball is WORTH being your #1 college program. You can make the choice. You can decide it’s worth making YOUR basketball program #1 and helping create a winning culture. It’s worth it.

It’s worth following closer than any Power Five program.

It’s worth knowing every player.

It’s worth making the windy, snowy trek to Holmes on a January night.

It’s worth streaming road games online, watching on Gamecast, or listening on the radio.

It’s worth it because it *literally* makes a difference.

It’s worth it because it helps us WIN! We all want to WIN!

See you at the Holmes Center, students. Be loud!

The BGP Guys