The Wake Forest vs App State Rivalry Continues

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We’re bringing some heavyweights in advance of the huge home game with Wake Forest this week. Oklahoma Assistant Head Coach Ruffin McNeil joins BGP! Coach McNeill spent seven years as App State’s defensive line coach and coordinator and has enough stories to last months! One includes laying a cheap shot out of bounds on our beloved Steve Brown! He also coached some of the best players in App State history like Dexter Coakley and Matt Stevens. You’ll hear his fondest memories playing Wake Forest, Marshall, and leading some of the best App State defenses ever.

The CEO of the Boone Chamber of Commerce and App State Hall of Famer David Jackson joins us on the ever popular #BGPMailsatchel. The Satchel was overflowing with questions this week. Topics include defensive strategies against a seemingly powerful Wake offense, concerns with injured Mountaineers, and how the Mountaineers can avoid making the same mistakes from the Miami game last year.

It’s a huge show for a huge event! The Boone weather forecast looks incredible for Saturday so we hope to see everyone at KBS!


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