The World of App State Football Alumni got some great news today.  As Bret Strelow reported here, Parker Collins signed a contract with the LA Rams. The contact allows him to participate in camp and we have to believe Parker has a good chance to impress the LA coaching staff.

Mountaineer fans know Parker as the kid that played with the kind of intensity that got inside opponents’ heads and drew penalties to the chagrin of Armchair Quarterbacks of Yosef’s Cabin fame. Parker was one of the toughest, meanest OL App State has ever had and that means a lot. In the wise words of Simms McElfresh, “Parker has a great chance to make an NFL team because he’s mean on the field. He doesn’t stop until your (insert uniquely-male portion of the anatomy here) is in the dirt.”

We know that even at the college level football is a business.  But just as NFL players are faster and stronger than their college counterparts, it seems like the business of the NFL is that much more nasty, cold and heartless.  But one thing we know is true in every sport: you’re only as good as the coaches think you are.

Parker spent some time with us on an episode back in May right before heading to the first camp of the preseason with the Jags. That conversation tells you a lot about Parker’s passion and the reason behind his style of play. It’s worth a listen regardless of the fact he’s now pursuing a new opportunity with a different team.  Give it a listen here!