On Monday, the Associated Press released their preseason College Football AP Top 25 Poll and Appalachian State garnered four votes from three writers. If you are unfamiliar, points are awarded based upon the position a team is voted in. If a team is voted 25th, they receive one point, and two points for 24th, and so on up the board. Last year, Appalachian received votes in the preseason coaches poll and did this year as well.

What does it mean?

Four votes is the starting point. By the time of the conclusion of the season opener at #15 Georgia, the number of votes will either go up or down. This is important for many reasons.  This seasons goals are lofty and each game serves as a stepping stone in the direction of reaching that goal. The Mountaineers will likely get more votes with a win or a close loss, perhaps something that resembles the opener last season at Tennessee. The difference is that game in 2016 served as the first building block toward this season. Now, the respect is different and more noticeable. Four votes is not groundbreaking, but it is important as this season progresses.

Who is Appalachian chasing?

If the goals of this team is to garner enough attention to grab a spot that is available in the access bowl, many things must happen. The schedules and results of teams such as #19 South Florida, Boise State, Houston and San Jose State are as important for Appalachian as each game they actually play. For the time being, Appalachian is highest vote-receiving school in the Sun Belt, and it has to stay that way. Two losses at any point in the season will probably eliminate the Mountaineers from access bowl contention. It’s possible that teams like Memphis and Middle Tennessee State make a run as well with favorable schedules.

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