Pardon us for the elevated heart rate. We predicted a much closer game earlier this week. Nevertheless, a win is a win. Sleeping is always easier after an App State victory. We discussed this crazy game on the Appalachian Commercial Real Estate BGP Postgame show (click the buttons to listen) but we wanted to expand our thoughts and list Six Reasons Why App State Beat Idaho on Saturday.

1 – All-U-Can-Eat App State Defense

This group of Junk Yard Dogs on App State’s defense is dangerous… and hungry. They’ve gotten stronger as the game goes on in each conference game this season. The Mountaineer front seven’s speed and strength wears down the OL so by the second half QBs are running for their lives. Yesterday was the perfect example. Sims, Boggs, Fuller, Stout, Willis, Townes all took part in the Sack Party and Linehan was the guest of honor. App State’s defense sees O-linemen and QBs the same way your dog sees fresh hamburger patties on the counter before a cookout. They keep us in these games and make offensive linemen miserable.

2 – Taylor Lamb Wheeling The Family Station Wagon Into The Station On E

It’s not controversial to say some key players on offense aren’t healthy or playing their best right now, right? We’re supportive of the players 100% of the time at the Black & Gold Podcast. That said, the O-Line isn’t opening lanes for Moore and Upshaw consistently and it LOOKS like Taylor Lamb is playing hurt. But that’s the bad news. The good news? Taylor Lamb proved his haters wrong again and led a comeback no one saw coming. He’s like a Sun Belt Tim Tebow. He just gets it done and yesterday was a perfect example.

3 – Zero Free Yards (Penalties)

Do not underestimate the power of no penalties. Lack of discipline is an easy target for criticism for any team. Stupid plays and ill-timed penalties are the primary causes for the lopsided score against UGA.  No penalties vs. UGA does NOT mean we would’ve won that game.  Let’s not go down that rabbit hole. That said, Idaho shot themselves in the foot several times that made it difficult for them to put points on the board. App State was flawless in this area and it helped big time.

4 – App State Attitude

The Mountaineers never seem rattled. There were times before and during the FBS transition where the body language on the field was negative. But that’s ancient history. This team walks, talks, and plays like they expect to win regardless of the scoreboard. Want proof? After the first touchdown that made the score 20-7, who didn’t think ‘we’re gonna win this game!’ for at least a split second? This App State team has programmed the fans to believe they won’t give up until the scoreboard says 0:00.

5 – Fumble Recoveries

We’ve been on the wrong side of this equation for too long. Turnovers are HUGE and it’s about time we benefited from a fumble recovery (or two!).  Idaho made our path to victory easier between coughing the ball up at crucial moments and penalties.  That’s another reason why no penalties was such a big deal yesterday.

6 – We Like Ike

Ike Lewis had himself a game. He had over one hundred yards and two touchdowns at a time where big yardage plays from the passing game are few and far between. Before the season it was easy to peg Shaedon and Darrynton as the WRs to watch but Ike has been a pleasant surprise and hopefully the Idaho game is a sign of more to come.

It’s Great To Be A Mountaineer!

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